Delegation is simple, from the wallet search for our pool ticker: RAIN 

– please double check this as its been reported to us another pool is trying to copy our brand and has a similar ticker name. For more details please review our stakepool guides here.

Our stakepool ID: a8767e82b9e6b70a8e9941352aa1f327b5808104abc0821ba7c552f5

  1. On the left of your Daedalus wallet, click the network icon. This takes you into the delegation center;

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2. Once you are in the delegation center, you will see a list of your wallets. Select the wallet which holds the ada you wish to delegate to a stake pool. Click the ‘Delegate’ link;

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3. Now, a lightbox will appear which lists the steps required to delegate your ada. Click continue, where you will be prompted to choose a wallet;

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4. Select your wallet, and click continue. You will now need to choose a stake pool. Here, you can either select from the list of available pools or start typing the name RAIN;

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5. Once you have chosen RAIN, you will need to enter your spending password and pay a small fee in ada to delegate to it. Do not worry, the stake pool operator does not have control over your funds, and you always keep your ada;

6. Once it is successful, you will receive a message congratulating you on delegating your stake.

About Us

We are an Australian run stake pool by IT professionals with over 25 years experience.  We have been fans of the Cardano network for many years now and are true believers in its future.  We welcome all to our pool and hope you all get on board and enjoy the ride.



E-mail: makeitrain@rainstake.io